Field & Stream - August 2005 issue has named Flying Double F Ranch one of the
Top Six Wild Bird Hunts in North and South America!

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America's best mixed bag wild bird hunt

You are welcome to bring your own dogs.
Almost 3 miles long, the panoramic view of the sprawling Flying Double F Ranch is absolutely stunning, providing a hunting location for the "real sportsman". This is a gentleman's lodge featuring first-class accommodations, and creative, home style cooking.


Experience fabulous mixed-bag hunting with first-class accommodations and creative, home style cooking!


"Wow! What a fabulous time we had! The bird numbers exceeded even the G&F forecasts, and, as Kenny might have told you, we even found 3 coveys of huns (including one in the flatlands) and several chukar coveys -- all without working for them. We kept intending to chase the huns and chukars, but the quail and pheasant were a convention of drunken cheerleaders we couldn't ignore, and which occupied us dutufully.

"I also couldn't praise enough the hospitality and the amount of effort Kenny and Marge extended. You have an unbeatable team in an unbeatable place.

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your extraordinary home and land with us. We all hope for a return trip next year and hope you'll be there to keep us in line (Kerry did use the mag autoloader a few times).

"Cheers, Dan"

"Can't say it any better than Dan in complements of the Flying Double F. It was great. We're beginning to feel very much at home there and look with great anticipation to our next visit. We missed your presense and hope we can see you next time. Talked to Kenny about a return later in the season when you both have said it gets better.

"Hope this finds you well and with continued prosperity ..... My very best, Kerry"

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James Farmer

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Flying Double F Ranch in the News: 

July, 2005: Field & Stream ran an article on Flying Double F Ranch
October 2005: A hunt was filmed and televised on the outdoor channel from the Flying Double F Ranch


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You are welcome to bring your own dogs.